Ibrahim Garba (Karai-Karai)

Ibrahim Garba (Karai-Karai)

Senior Researcher, Native Nations Institute, Udall Center
Assistant Research Professor, College of Public Health
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Ibrahim earned his S.J.D. at the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. He has graduate training in philosophy and international human rights law. He has also completed fellowships in bioethics, health policy, and regulatory science.

Ibrahim’s research interests in ethics have included the implications of precision (personalized) medicine for public health, the ethical conduct of health research in low-resource settings, and the use of Indigenous samples in biomedical research. His legal scholarship has explored the evolution of collective rights in international law and how these rights provide a governance framework for collectives (especially Indigenous Peoples) to participate in the development of policies that affect them.

Ibrahim has taught philosophy in the United States and high school literature in his home country, Nigeria.


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  • S.J.D. Law
  • LL.M. Law
  • M.A. Philosophy
  • J.D. Law