World Water Congress honors Udall Center researchers with Best Paper Award

Nov. 30, 2021
IWRA award photo

Image: Chris Scott (middle) receiving the award plaque that lists all the co-authors of the 2018 paper, flanked by IWRA President, Gabriel Eckstein (right), and Awards Committee Chair, Rabi Mohtar (left).

Monday was the opening of the long-awaited, twice-delayed World Water Congress in Daegu, South Korea, where Udall Center researchers were awarded Best Paper for their 2018 article in Water International titled “Water security and the pursuit of food, energy, and earth systems resilience.” Part of a special issue on the Global Water Security Challenge, this article addresses the emergence and interrelation of food, energy, and water security in relation to resource use and societal and environmental outcomes.

The co-authors include Christopher A. Scott, Tamee R. Albrecht, Rafael De Grenade, Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Robert G. Varady, and Bhuwan Thapa. The award was received on behalf of the co-authors by Chris Scott, emeritus director of the Udall Center who now serves as the Goddard Chair and professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science & Management at The Pennsylvania State University.

In the announcement of the award, the selection committee said of the article, “It is a well-written big picture review article that helps make conceptual leaps in a way that makes it a candidate for a foundational text for students and practitioners about the water-energy-food nexus.” Access the full article.

Two of the authors, Robert Varady and Chris Scott, also were formally inducted as IWRA Fellows—an honor bestowed to individuals who have been with IWRA for a decade and have made major contributions to IWRA, been involved in the field of water resources management, held a position of high responsibility, and attained a high level of academic qualification, or carried high responsibilities in the field of water resources management. Congratulations to them on this lifetime achievement!