Data Science and Governance

Illustrated image showing relationships between data in two locations.

Maya Stahl

We strengthen environmental governance by using data-science techniques to understand teleconnections and improve data accessibility.

Lopez-Hoffman & colleagues’ NEPAccess project harnesses the power of data science to introduce a new dimension to US environmental governance. NEPAccess is an innovative knowledge and engagement platform that will be the largest single repository of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents, providing advanced search tools, georeferencing capabilities, mechanisms to assess public engagement, and access to NEPA information across agencies, action types, regions, and sectors. NEPAccess aims to revitalize the NEPA so that it can more fully realize its democratic ambitions and improve efficiency and reliability of environmental decision-making.

These short videos feature the undergraduate students involved in the project explaining how NEPAccess works and the experience of working in team behind it.

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