Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The University of Arizona’s Core Values include Integrity, Compassion, Exploration, Adaptation, Inclusion, and Determination. Aligning with these values, the Udall Center is committed to fostering an inclusive atmosphere where diversity is celebrated, promoted, and protected.

The Udall Center unequivocally rejects anti-Blackness and all other forms of racism and discrimination. Udall Center staff are committed to examining our own perpetuation of anti-Blackness and confronting our own racist biases—both hidden and overt.

We commit to taking tangible steps to disrupt racism in our communities and to make a concerted effort to support under-represented peoples, communities and initiatives. We have committed to educating ourselves on the racist treatment felt by People of Color and other marginalized Peoples, and to engaging in a dialogue of change that includes breaking down research silos by citing diverse authors, incorporating Afro-Indigenous narratives, and developing research partnerships with scholars of diverse races, creeds, backgrounds and identities.

Read our original 2020 Diversity Statement


The Udall Center and Native Nations Institute Commit to:

Learn about racism & white supremacy and their impact on different racial groups.

Confront racism in our work, scholarship, families, friendships and advocacy.

Initiate and participate in anti-racism and anti-discrimination training with our peers in professional leadership positions at the national, regional, state and tribal levels.

Demand that local police departments participate in de-escalation training, eliminate racial profiling and hold perpetrators of such actions accountable.

Advocate for the recruitment of diverse faculty and staff at the University of Arizona, as well as the necessary system changes needed to support and retain these individuals to promote policy scholarship and research on under-represented communities by researchers who identify as members of those communities.

Encourage divestment from policing and investment in community health, safety, education and other efforts based on solid public policy research.


Individual Actions We Can Take:

Commit to a lifelong practice of examining our own bias and complicity in anti-Blackness and systemic racism and taking specific steps to make changes.

Denounce acts of violence against marginalized people and communities of color in tangible ways, such as by contacting government officials.

Support minority-owned businesses. Find a list of Black-owned businesses in Arizona here.

Initiate conversations in our families, communities and other affiliated organizations that seek to confront racial discrimination.

Call out anti-Blackness and racism that occurs in our everyday settings.

Listen to friends and colleagues of diverse backgrounds who share their experiences and be open to following up with possible actions they may suggest.

Offer our expertise and analytical skills in tribal government and public policy to work with Native nation partners to effectively address issues of racism, discrimination and other related issues within our broader communities across the state.

Donate to the affected Black families and organizations that amplify under-represented voices.

DEI Resources from the Udall Center

Courage Conversations About Race with Ashley La Russa (8 min)

Antiracism: An Afro-Indigenous Perspective with Chanae Bullock (36 min)