Stephanie Buechler

Assistant Research Scientist in Environmental Policy, Udall Center
Assistant Research Professor, Udall Center
Assistant Research Professor, School of Geography and Development | curriculum vitae

Stephanie Buechler, PhD, is an assistant research scientist in environmental policy and an assistant research professor at the Udall Center; and an assistant research professor in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona.

Buechler holds a PhD in sociology from Binghamton University (2001), an MA in public affairs from Cornell University (1992), and a BA in political science form Haverford College (1989).

Her research focusses on gendered natural resource use under changing environmental conditions in rural, peri-urban and urban settings. She has conducted research in Guanajuato and Sonora, Mexico; Tucson, Arizona; Hyderabad and Uttarakhand, India; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is also affiliated with the Institute for the Environment; Gender and Women's Studies; Latin American Studies.

Selected Publications

for a complete list, see [S Buechler cv]

Stephanie Buechler. 2016. Gendered Vulnerabilities and Grassroots Adaptation Initiatives in Home Gardens and Small Orchards in Northwest Mexico. Free Access Special Issue: ‘Gender perspectives in resilience and adaptation to global change research’. Ambio a Journal of the Human Environment, 45(3), 322-334.

Stephanie Buechler, D. Sen, N. Khandekar and C.A. Scott. 2016. Re-Linking Governance of Energy with Livelihoods and Irrigation in Uttarakhand, India. Water, 8(10)437. DOI:10.3390/w8100437.

Stephanie Buechler. 2016. Ethnographic Immersions and Local Collaborations in the Study of Globalization and Environmental Change. Ethnographic Collaborations In Latin America. June Nash and Hans Buechler (eds). Palgrave MacMillan.

Stephanie Buechler and Anne-Marie Hanson (eds.), A Political Ecology of Women, Water and Global Environmental Change (2015, Routledge).